Dvocha (dvocha) wrote,

Wired on MP6

I just came across this review of Mario Party 6 done up by Wired. Now, I'm going to admit, I'm a fan of the series, but even taking this into consideration, the review is a piece of crap. It reads like the reviewer sat down and tried to include every general cliche that a review usually contains. Either that or they read the description of the game, and perhaps other reviews, and just threw everything they heard together. The result? A conflicted, uninformative, and spotty "review".

Here's my 'feedback' to them:

Message type: feedback
Send to: Chris Kohler
Subject: Story: Fun of Mario Party Doesn't Last
Your name: Dvocha
Your email: dvocha@dvocha.org
Your Mario Party 6 review seems a bit confused, as it both says the "lack of content" kills the game, yet it's a worthy sequel with a clever interface. Which is it? It makes one wonder how much you actually played the game if you can comment on lack of content without mentioning that all the mini-games are new, and that each party-mode board has a unique twist, the likes of which were never seen in the previous Mario Party games.

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