October 28th, 2005


game advisor

So microsoft has this 'game advisor' web program which is supposed to be used to help you tell if your computer will be able to play a given game decently. I ran it on my laptop and got the following result: "100% of the systems scanned by the Game Advisor rank higher in performance than your system." Sweet, my laptop sucks for playing games! No big surprise, really.

Just to restore some of my dork-ego I scanned my desktop machine, on which I actually do play games.

"Your system is among the top 4% of all systems scanned by Game Advisor."

This is actually slightly surprising because I'd consider my video card to be the low end for anyone who actually cares about playing modern games on the PC, yet it's near the top of what people actually have. It is amusing to see my video card on my desktop clock in with as much memory as my entire laptop has for system memory.. hehe The good thing about having such a spread like this though is if I actually make a game myself, if it runs on my desktop, great. If it runs on my laptop, anyone can run it :p