November 19th, 2006



We picked ourselves up a Nintendo Wii today. I can't remember the last time we got something (larger than a CD / movie) the day it came out.

After passing packs of people with sleeping bags and coolers who had camped out overnight we ended up going to Toys R Us, which had a whopping zero people outside it. Amid reports of 10 units being there we got in line, found out they really had 39, got ticket number 5 and went home to wait until 10:00 when the store actually opened.

Having played with the Wii for most of the day I can say the system has some real promise. The interface is very responsive, which was my biggest doubt, and although the initial games are a bit on the primitive side there is definetly plenty of room to grow and everything they do have is rock solid. You only need to spend 5 minutes in Wii Boxing to see they have something unique going on.

Other random things that are nice: usb ports, wi-fi connectivity, SD memory cards, GC compatibility.