Yahoo discusion groups

If you think that just maybe you can find a yahoo discussion group about an interesting topic, about which you could talk with intelligent, thoughtful people, allow me to share with you this post I just recieved.

"thanks for you advice but this dream has happend about to or tree mouths a part"

Tree mouths.


So when people buy books in canada, can they help feeling but a little ripped off, seeing the lower U.S. price right there? Conversion rates aside, I know I can’t help but feel good I’m not paying the “higher canadian price".

Orson Scott Card

If you like Orson Scott Card books, then here's what you should do, read nothing but his books. I swear every time the guy opens his mouth outside of his books he sounds like an arrogant asshole. I'll be honest, I didn't read that whole "commentary" I just linked, but I've stopped reading Card's rants since that one where he ripped into homosexuality. C'mon Card, don't you have something more important to be doing than ragging on how people show affection for one-another?


I really don't understand drawn-on eyebrows. Which part of shaving off your eyebrow and drawing this little pencil-thin line in it's place is attractive? Didn't you people read that calvin and hobbes strip where hobbes shaves calvin's head and tries to draw hair back on? It didn't work if you recall. Calvin ended up in the tub. The tub that he hates.

LJ Interests

Livejournal has this page that probably most of you have seen already where they list the most popular interests of their users. Examining this list leads to some interesting conclusions.
  • Reading is more important than friends.

  • Photography is better than love.

  • Boys are more important than food.

  • Anime is better than sex.

  • Johnny Depp is more important than clothes.

  • Traveling is more important than eating

  • Family Guy beats out history

  • Mp3s are only slightly more interesting than vampires

  • God is more important than baseball, but not volleyball.

  • Dragons are better than pirates.

  • Puppies are better than swords.

  • Cats are twice as good as dogs (bullshit).